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This is the Spoonflower windows and doors contest entry.  I have used calligraphy pen to trace images of windows and doors.  removing the image and then simplifying the line to get a simple sketch look.  For an odd reason I have arranged them like butterflies but I think I like it.  Could maybe have used another week to work on it but I guess you can tweek forever and well the deadline was yesterday.  Have gone for 1050×900 and like the light background.  If you like this design please vote for me at Thanks for reading


This is my first DIY project and I have probably bitten off  quite a large bite, lets hope its not too much.  Three of my dining room chairs have spent the last year in the shed.  They were used for building, plastering and painting the house and were banished to the shed.  Only two chairs managed to escape the shed but they were still splattered with paint and looking sorry.  I like my dining room table and chairs and am fed up with eating food off my lap so the time has come to sort them out.  This week I have started on three of the chairs.  All three have been sanded, two have had the first coat of primer and one has had its second coat of primer and is ready to be painted.  Once painted they will then have beautifully covered cushions using my own designed fabric from spoonflower. As Isay this is a big project; fingers crossed it works.  I will try and find my cable to conect my camera and will add photos soon.  Also thankyou to Yikesmoney for the idea.

My second Spoonflower contest piece.  This is my take on surrealist fruit; For this piece I have tried 1050 x 900 pixels to get a 3×3 repeat when seen as fat quarter and using the scale image tool in GIMP to achieve 1050 x 900 pixels. 

This weeks contest is themed camouflage.  Voting for this will start on Friday.  If you like my design please vote for it. You will have noticed that this is the header for my the blog.  I like how this turned out and think the colours work well.  Also it looks really good as a large piece so am thinking about making it into curtains.

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